Note: There is an interegnum, at St Mary's, in other words we do not have a regular parish priest. However parish work continues as normal, with the help from guest priests.

Priest in Charge Vacant
Churchwardens Mrs Janet Harland
  Mrs Chris Field
Treasurers Gary Hopkinson
  Kim Hopkinson
Assistant Treasurer Mrs Lucy Sarson
PCC Secretary Mrs Chris Field
Church Electoral Roll Officer Mrs Chris Field
Director of Music Mrs Joanna Chivers
Church Flowers Mrs Mary Monnington
Sunday School Mrs Chris Field
Safeguarding Officer Mrs Vanessa Foden
Church Hall Booking Secretary Mrs Vivienne Baron


Ex Officio members

Churchwardens Janet Harland
  Chris Field
Treasurers Gary Hopkinson
  Kim Hopkinson
Lay Minister of Communions Steven Foden
Deanery synod reps. Dr Lesley Bromley
  Joanna Chivers
  Andrew Swain
Safeguarding Officer Mrs Vanessa Foden

Elected members

Hannah Baggott
Kate Jakob
Dawn Lawson
Alison Merrett
Louisa Robson
Dame Jenny Trimble
Jo Turner
Sally Vinnicombe

Sidlesham Parishioner

Editor Vacant
Co-Editor Chris Field
Distribution and adverts Janet Harland


Webmaster Michael Jones
Blog Lesley Bromley
Calendar Janet Harland
PCC Page Janet Harland
Parish Rooms Janet Harland
Music Pages Hilary Platts

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All the above people and organisations can be contacted by the following.



The Vicarage
Church Farm Lane
West Sussex
PO20 7RE


01243 641237